MAME M ANNE / Founder
Experimental Design & Data Analytics

Mame has over 18 years of experience in scientific Market Research as rule design experiment expert, data scientist, data analyst and processor. As head of the data group at MJI, Mame and his team brought to bear custom experimental design studies, advanced methods and new models. Mame has designed hundreds of strategic experimental design projects and helped numerous clients innovate in the area of Messaging Optimization, Category Appraisal, Product Optimization, Sensory Segmentation, Sensory drivers of liking, Optimal Sensory Profile, Factor (Principal Component) Analysis, Design Experiment, Conjoint Analysis, Stimulus Response Approach, Concept Screening, Concept & Positioning Testing, Concept Optimization, Flavor Evaluation, Response Surface Testing, Full Factorial Design and Pricing Optimization. Mame holds a BS in Computer Science with a Minor in Administration & Management from the City College of New York (CUNY). Mame also has extensive experience in Telecommunications, including Voice-Over-IP (VOIP), and mineral exploration and mining in West Africa.